Manufacturing partner

Pakistan has always been the top country in the world when it comes to soccer ball manufacturing. Our factory partner is based in Pakistan and is Fair Trade certified which ensures that our products are ethically made

Non-profit partner

Ginga supports nonprofit organizations that are making the beautiful game more accessible for all!  

Whenever you buy a Ginga product you are helping create social change by supporting these organizations.

1% of Ginga's sales go to help organizations making social change and improving lives through soccer.

Ginga’s first nonprofit partner is The Wilson Favela Project! The Wilson Favela Project provides opportunities for talented individuals in the favelas of Brazil. They offer housing, food, educational programs and training opportunities for these players through their partnership with the club SC Camaçariense in Bahia, Brazil. They are working to make sure that no talent goes to waste due to a lack of resources and are having a positive impact on 100+ kids' lives daily through their organization.  Find out more about The Wilson Favela Project in the links below: 


The Wilson Favela Project Website

The Wilson Favela Project Instagram