Our Company

Ginga is an ethical soccer company that provides high quality limited edition products designed by artists and partners with soccer nonprofits to make the game more accessible.

Our designs seek to bring the true meaning of ginga to the game through creativity and passion while standing out in the field. We hope to change the soccer landscape by bringing artistic and beautiful top quality products all while doing good.

We see our balls as a tool capable of bringing people together, regardless of their backgrounds, to experience the uncanny nature of soccer. Everyone is invited.

What does Ginga mean?

Ginga is a word in Portuguese from Brazil that comes from the martial arts of Capoeira but the term gets a different meaning in the context of soccer. Ginga describes the Brazilian fast flowing way of playing soccer, it is when sport meets art through beautifully choreographed movements, full of swagger and authenticity. Its combination of rhythms and style is what we call Ginga.

In Brazil, accents of Sao Paulo’s streetball and Rio’s beach technique spoke in a dialect that only the beauty of the nation’s multi-background population can explain. It is here that Ginga lives, where the ball sambas to the beat of the people.

Born in Brazil, Ginga carries to New York the magic of inclusivity that the universal language of soccer speaks to all of us. Through artistic expression, Fair Trade and community outreach, Ginga repays the gift of soccer to its people.